And most importantly, a huge thank you to everyone who attended – as I write we are waiting for the Aztec to confirm their contribution but without that, the grand total stands at £7,340!!!  We are expecting the final total to be over £8,000 – the best Ball ever!

The auction prizes, donated by friends of the Foundation and Brian May (yes THE Brian May) raised a staggering £4,000 this year so again, thank you to everyone who contributed the lots and to everyone who bought them.

Dave Dean the crooner and DJ extraordinaire joined us again and did a fabulous job of keeping us all entertained.  David (Froud) and Sammi  (Booz) gave speeches that moved us all and inspired us; letting everyone know the good they were doing by being there.

The party itself also went one step further than ever before with 5 or 6 die-hards arriving at breakfast in their evening wear having not gone to bed!  The ringleader in this escapade was Ann Fitzpatrick, the Team Leader on the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue, who still looked glamorous and serene at 9am!!  She was joined by a colleague of hers Paul Ashmore and other friends Mike Hutchinson, Max Dawkins and of course David Froud.  Love the tenacity guys!

In the gallery there is a random selection of photos to give you a flavour of the fun.  Anyone thinking of joining us next year, please save the date – Saturday 1st November 2014