The Charlie Froud Foundation is a charity set up to raise money in support of search and rescue services and other good causes.

Helping the Charlie Froud Foundation

To help raise money for the volunteer rescue services ( The Glen of Imaal, The Mountain of Mourne and the Dublin and Wicklow Mountain Rescue Services) or Children’s Hospice South West or Marlwood School, make a donation by cheque or postal order to ‘The Charlie Froud Foundation’ and send it to the address below. Any amount, no matter how small, will benefit the courageous work of the rescue services and will help save lives.

You could also join us on one of our sponsored events! To find out more contact:

David or Heather Froud 37 Tockington Lane, Lower
Bristol. BS32 4DZ.
David: 0771 8885971
Heather: 07786 232441

Acknowledgements…For their help and support the foundation would like to thank: