THE father of a 14-year-old Almondsbury schoolboy killed in an air crash has trekked 20 miles, scaling 5,000ft, raising thousands of pounds to keep his son’s memory alive.

Mr Froud, 47, said: “Charlie died while flying over to spend half-term holidays in Ireland.
“A lot of government- funded bodies were there, the fire brigade and the coast guard, but there were three or four self-funded organisations, too, like Dublin and Wicklow mountain rescue.

“The volunteers were the ones who, in fact, located the plane and had the gruesome task of dealing with the fatalities.

“Heather, Georgia, Charlie’s sister, and I wanted to do something to keep Charlie’s memory alive, and so we formed the trust as a positive way of raising funds for them. We’re also raising funds for his school.”

Charlie was killed while on holiday with his school friend Ayman and his parents Sharif and Margaret Booz. The day after the crash, a moving memorial service was held in Almondsbury for the four with more than 500 people packing into St Mary’s Church to pay their respects.

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