Waterski-ing to France was just not hard enough SO there is a new madcap fundraising adventure being planned for this September! David (Froud) is being joined by three similarly crazy friends to Water Ski the Irish Sea from St Davids to Wexford!

Geeky note of the day: Apparently St Davids does not have an apostrophe – according to www.visitpembrokeshire.com – I didn’t know that!

David is being joined by Tony Edwards, Phil Sullivan (Sully) and Lucy Bristow and the plan is for them to leave St Davids skiing ‘tag’ across the 67 miles of Irish Sea until the last mile or so when all 4 be pulled together into Wexford. This is expected to take in the region of 5 hours and is totally weather dependant. The date that the ski happens will also be determined by the sea conditions as it can get very choppy out there, so the team are going to be standing by from late August to mid-September.

As far as we know it has never been done before – probably because both the physical and mental challenge is enormous, especially as the age of the challengers, to put it delicately, is not exactly the first flush of youth at 42 – 50!

An amazingly generous and adventure-loving new friend from Cork, Ireland, has offered the use of three boats to enable the challenge to happen; he will be donating the time of his crew and the equipment as well as a serious amount of knowledge of these turbulent waters which is likely to be the difference between success and abject failure. More about them in the next update…

Please have a look at the Facebook page “charlie’s waterski challenge” for more details of the event and the ways to sponsor the team if you’d like to.

The background team members are:

Dave Todd (Toddy) – Project Manager extraordinaire

Georgia (Froud) – Team Photographer and Artist

Sarah Gates – I.T. genius and PR

Heather (Froud) – Biographer, Blogger and Assistant to Everyone

See the “Charlie’s Waterski Challenge” picture gallery.