Due to dangerously high seas, the Water Ski Challenge has been postponed until later this month! The team are disappointed, to say the least, but philosophical. We always knew this wasn’t going to be easy and was totally dependant on the sea conditions!

After receiving an email from Justin McInerney of Team Pulsar Racing at 09.10 on Thursday 1st.

September saying:

“Today would have been better so we must be practical and agree that the conditions tomorrow will not be like a glass lake but will be achievable. I propose we use the 2 tow boats to run line astern so that they smooth the way for the Skiers in the water.”

We all headed off to Wales. The news hadn’t changed at 11pm when the team went to bed. They all got up at 5am on the 2nd and made their last minute preparations to go.

On the slipway, with Paramedic (Andy Gibson of ERS Medical) and Cameraman & Film maker (Martin Bisiker of Biscuit Media), the team got the phone call they were dreading at 7.30 am! Justin and his crew had set off from Wexford at 5.45 am as planned, but hit 3 metre swells 20 miles out to sea. It had become obvious that the weather & sea conditions were continuing to deteriorate and fast becoming dangerous, so a decision was made to return to Wexford.

The Skiers were in shock for a few moments and so disappointed they couldn’t finish this epic challenge. However, didn’t take long for them to start re-planning and we are hoping to find a weather window before the end of September. Updates to follow as soon as we know more…