Firstly we would like to thank everyone who loaned or donated their pieces, you are all so talented and creative; there are definitely a few of you who should be pursuing a second career!

So with special thanks to:

Tom Edwards

Josh Bradford

Stu Christie

Max Nelson

Kat Ingle

Hannah Thayer

Peter Froud

Valda Chatt

Steve Francis

Vanessa edman

The Forss Family

2 members of The Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Services – Paul and Allegra

A group of pupils from Marlwood

Rosie Preston

Phoebe Curry

Georgia, David & Heather also exhibited

As well as Peter Gordon who is an award winning professional photographer who donated “Purple Haze” which was sold by silent auction!


The afternoon was filled with much laughter and a few tears of happy remembrance, professionally hosted by Georgia Froud with refreshments provided by Julie and Riley Morgan (Georgia’s Auntie and Cousin).

To those who attended, a huge Thank You!  The event raised £400 for the Charlie Froud Foundation and exceeded all of our expectations.